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24-Oct-2017 04:10

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He may not love me back, but that is not the point. I feel that your 'short bliber blabber' was completely inappropriate and disrespectful to people in my situation, and may even be for some teachers in a situation where they have fallen for their students. Of course, it's almost expected of students, but teachers? Most that are arrested have some sort of mental illness. Well, I'm a teacher and I have feelings for one of my students.

I don't know if it's love or just a crush, but I've had feelings for him for almost a year now.

I was glad to read this article because I've felt really bad about this.

teacher dating student lifetime movie-46

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No one should have to feel guilty about their feelings. ( he also adjusts his breaktime when my tuesday schedule is complicated,and my breaktime is late. we were just on one room and my classmates shouted after they heard that). i think the reason is, he's controlling his feelings very much. Do you notice - that when he knew you were upset, he merely responded indirectly by asking your classmate to tell you that your food is tasty?Love is made from the heart; and you can not help with who you fall in love with.I am a student attending college, I am 18 and I am in love with my lecturer. The only thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is the fact that this article says that teachers have inappropriate feelings for their students too.They must never abuse that authority or compromise their delicate role in the lives of young people. What I am challenging is the implication that good, responsible teachers won’t have feelings for their students which will sometimes be sexual. It doesn’t mean that these feelings of attraction will necessarily be acted upon: there are important boundaries which mustn’t be crossed.

But these boundaries become more blurred and teachers are more likely to get in a muddle and end up crossing them if they have no way of talking about and beginning to make sense of the feelings they find themselves experiencing.And vulnerability can have many ways of manifesting itself, sexual attraction is only one. This is a really big thing i feel for senior students, who are almost adults who have this problem.