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How did they catapult an unproven figure into national prominence?By the political merits of the senatorial aspirant?Saltzman soon hired David Axelrod of the political consultancy group, Axelrod & Associates, to begin a media-program which would realize her dream of installing the first black president.Grooming the young black activist, Saltzman and Axelrod found a means of bringing the unknown Obama into the halls of Capitol Hill in the 2004 Illinois Senate race.Jewish billionaire and media mogul, Haim Saban, announced his formula for influence peddling.As if taken straight from the Jewish Manifesto for world conquest, “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion,” Saban outlined the very same blueprint as laid down by the learned elders over a century ago. Convinced he knows more than others and is correct in all he does. Lacks ability to see how he comes across to others. This is about show or frustration rather than sorrow.

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Tremendous need to control situations, conversations, others.

After meeting Obama in 1991, Saltzman said to her husband, “He’s going to be our first black president.” As her involvement with Obama grew, Saltzman remarked, “He’s right on all the issues when it comes to Israel.

Obviously I’m not going to support someone who is opposed to Israel.” Working closely with fellow Jewish leftist, Marilyn Katz, Saltzman funded Obama’s political ascendancy with a “protocol goal” in mind: Weaken the White Christian power bloc by installing a leftist-leaning black into the upper echelons of American political life.

Has a good front (persona) to impress and exploit others.

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If trapped, keeps talking, changes the subject or gets angry.

How did an unknown, black communist agitator in Chicago, ascend the political ladder so easily?