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26-Jul-2017 02:58

Romance and respect and companionship are far more appealing and if sex happens to be part of the package.. It shouldn't be taboo to talk about, it is a natural thing to want sex. Alot of people have grown throughout the years, and women are not looked at, as so oppressed anymore.

Some people, men and women aren't llooking for a serious relationship so does that mean that they should go without sex? Nothing wrong with having a "Sex Buddy":well here it goesthere is some sexist peeps out there and they are not all some men like the no strings attached thing but not same goes for women to (HELLO)may not make me a lot of fans but there are women that like no strings and there happy with can call them names for that ore you can call men names for the same reason.i dont whatever peeps enjoy doing they should do without haveing peeps judje them ore puting a lable on them.i think a lot of you women should stop looking at men as a lot of you men should stop looking at women like should look at each other as pepole! M., "Most" was left out, you are too particular or maybe too peculiar(? Those women who want no-strings attached sex will not be bothering you....maybe they will try. We do have minds and bodies that WE choose to use anyway WE choose to. I have learned a very long time ago, that what I think of a person isn't always WHO THEY are.....

I have been there and done that a fair bit over the last year and a half.

"No-strings" sex is little more than mutual masturbation.Without an emotional connection, sex really involves nothing more than "getting off," which makes the whole thing a rather selfish exercise. I do believe this came up at coffee tonight.........The other person should be there to participate, not just to be used; otherwise, it just holds no appeal for me. I wasn't going to put my two cents in -- just crack a joke about how funny NB is but figure it would come out wrong and ruffle everyone's feathers, you know funny in person but not so funny written down sort of thing.For me cuddles and kisses are fine till I feel what she feels and we both know its the right thing to do. It is just that for some of us, been there done that .. No matter what you call it, sex involves 'strings', and those strings can tighten even if you don't think so.

Till then jerk it with some jergins.there is a third option Norma..possibility that there are people who just don't or won't do it. No human allows that intimate contact without 'feeling' something and those feelings can and have gotten hurt way too many times.

I am not going to wake up in the morning feeling like I may have put my d! Yes I know wear protection I would if it came to that.

Un barbat dotat cu inteligenta, simtul umorului, care sa stie sa aprecieze o femeie isteata, o mancare buna, o conversatie placuta, manierat, putin de moda-veche, cu un sanatos simt al onoarei, capabil de empatie si, uneori, de mici sacrificii (sau compromisuri) daca situatia o nebuna cand este vb de fotografie . Comentarii: O fiinta sigura care isi cauta jumatatea . ,,, Exista 5 lucruri in viata care nu se pot recupera: o piatra dupa ce ai aruncat'o, o vorba dupa ce ai spus'o, o sansa dupa ce ai pierdut'o, timpul dupa ce a trecut, iubirea.cel care nu lupta.... si cand faceam asta MURIM ,,,, Niciodata nu e tarziu sa iti ceri iertare pentru greselile facute, dar intotdeauna e foarte greu sa ii privesti in ochi pe cei carora le-ai gresit. Am invatat ca nu conteaza ce li se intampla oamenilor.… continue reading »

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