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05-Jul-2018 04:22

One of the things that I’ve found to help my kids is to have them study martial arts.Both of my children are under 14 years old and are both nearly 2nd-degree black belts in taekwondo.Being on social media makes it much likelier for a kid or teen to get messages from strangers, meet strangers, and get bullied or harassed by their peers.Some platforms don't have age verification procedures, and teens might be tempted to post inappropriate images.It didn't take long to attract a child predator that made plans to meet her in his van (you can't make up these kinds of stereotypical stories).In another experiment, he created a fake profile posing as a teenage boy and reached out to teenaged girls.

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Over the past 15 years, Wright has optimized and strategized marketing for hundreds of B2B and B2C business websites, from startups and midsize businesses to Fortune 500 companies.Cyberbullies and predators can just as easily create profiles as anyone else.Finally, there's the whole hookup culture and how it co-exists with social media. Self-proclaimed "Tinder Queen," Victoria Bohush, is a student at Chapman University and shares her best tips for online dating via social media in a safe manner.Coby Persin, a You Tube filmmaker, crafted a social experiment using a teen girl for bait (along with her parent's permission).

He created a fake Facebook profile using her images.

This article is a warning, particularly for parents, children, young adults, and a reminder to keep an eye on how social media is being used (and perhaps abused).

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Employees of the station later took photos of the devastation in Halabja, where they are based.… continue reading »

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Lads gone wild: Mark Wright - formerly of The Only Way Is Essex - left the Hollywood glamour on the plane as he touched back down in London and took Mario with him for a night on the tiles, Essex style You CAN go home again: Reverting back to his rowdy 'laddie' roots, Mark and Mario both charted their night out in Soho on their Instagram stories, with Mario looking a little shell shocked while Mark encouraged him to down tequila Down the hatch: Mark downed a shot, with Mario saying 'Take It easy Wrighty', before another clip showed Mark swigging from a bottle this time, belching in Mario's face and then seemingly forcing him to drink some Mario then complained to the camera about the 'tiny tequila shots' being served by a scantily-clad waitress.'Look at these tiny tequila shots that Wrighty has. The men - both of whom are married - seemed to enjoy letting off steam on their no girls allowed evening out.… continue reading »

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