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The affectionate feelings experienced by so many spiritual connections met the needs of those who were lonely, or who had little fondness shown to them by their own spouse.

Because these feelings were given a 'spiritual' label, common sense was thrown out, and church members often used "spiritual connections" as justification for their inappropriate behavior.

This Bible study is for those who have come from Community Chapel and Bible Training Center (CCBTC, Community Chapel, or sometimes called simply, 'The Chapel'), and who experienced an exclusive practice and doctrine known as 'spiritual connections.' This study is not intended to bash people or ridicule their experience.

This is a scriptural examination, with commentary, in the hope it might bring healing.

First it is necessary to furnish a definition of spiritual connections as was taught by the leadership of Community Chapel and practiced by its members.

A spiritual connection is defined as an instantaneous union of one person's spirit to that of another, coupled with an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love for each other.

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The love experienced through spiritual connections was manifested through eye-to-eye contact, especially while couples danced to praise music.Thus, if a husband became enraged because he saw his wife dancing with another man, held in that man's arms, and nearly touching lip-to-lip as they danced together to praise music, the husband had a "demon of rage" and a "demon of jealousy." Demonic manifestations were a convenient way of blaming the forces of evil in Satan's domain for normal human emotions and adverse reaction to a practice that borders on that which is cultic in nature.The pastor used his control and elders to keep in line anyone who spoke against spiritual connections or the pastor, and those whose objections became problematic were excommunicated from the church and labeled as "dissidents." Don Barnett also taught spouses must "release" their mate into God's hands, so that God could use their husband or wife's spiritual connection to be loved and healed.Not surprising, this resulted in illicit affairs, fornication, adultery and divorce.

This meant, for example, that the wife of one man could legitimately have a spiritual connection with someone else's spouse (and visa versa).

Inevitably, this type of behavior created a lot of jealousy in marriages, as wives and husbands would be hurt and offended watching their mate dance in circles, eye-to-eye with someone else.