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Mohammed Obaid's family blamed Najma for his indiscretions, and after some lengthy and expensive legal wrangling, they left her destitute.

"You should leave Saudi Arabia for your own good, witch, your life is forfeit," said Khadra Obaid, Najma's mother-in-law.

As she walked by a nearby school, a tall, well-dressed and handsome black gentleman looked sharply in her direction. They didn't have the practice of hyphenating it like they did in western countries.

The tall black man looked at her like he knew her, and Najma found that profoundly puzzling. " Najma asked cautiously, and the man smiled and nodded. Memories she'd long cast aside came back, unbidden.

After all, when all was said and done, Najma only had sixteen thousand dollars when she arrived in Canada from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Her late husband's family made sure that she left the country penniless and heartbroken.

The old Saudi woman spat on the ground as she spoke to her daughter-in-law, whom she always despised for many reasons.

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Although the place was alright, all things considered, it was a far cry from her old digs in the opulent Al-Dhahab neighborhood of metropolitan Riyadh, that's for sure.

"I'm looking for a job, any job for which I'm qualified, you're an employment agency, aren't you?

" Najma said icily, and Templeton shot her a look and pursed his thin lips.

Nevertheless, Najma took the old woman's unsolicited advice, and left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Ontario, Canada.

Najma's dual Saudi/Canadian citizenship proved to be a saving grace under the circumstances.Najma remembered fainting on that hot, gruesome day.

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